Don Ellis - Shock Treatment (1968)

So here it is, my first rip. A great fusion LP by Don Ellis and his orchestra. Wild, loud, (not too) experimental, at times smooth and gentle, and with some funny moments too. This record has a tad of everything, and a quite cineastic sound without getting kitschy. Also a nice long drum break and some loopy nuggets in there, if you're into that sampling business. Enjoy!

Track List:
A1 A New Kind of Country
A2 Night City
A3 Homecoming
A4 Mercy Maybe Mercy
A5 Opus 5
B1 Star Children
B2 Beat Me, Daddy, Seven to the Bar
B3 Milo's Theme
B4 The Tihai

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  1. Anonymous21/4/15 01:09

    Thanks a million, been looking for this for ages!